The Institute for Trauma Competency is a training community developed to provide clinical training in core trauma knowledge and trauma-focused skills.

The Institute also provides trauma mental health consultation for professionals interested in developing their trauma competency. Specialized training and supervision are required before ethically engaging in counseling in any specialty area. Therefore, without formal trauma training to support competency-based clinical practice with this vulnerable population counselors are at risk of practicing outside the bounds of their clinical competency.

The Institute for Trauma Competency supports practitioners by providing a learning community tailored to the unique needs of trauma professionals.

Our consultants are skilled trauma-competent clinicians well-versed in trauma mental health theory and intervention. In addition, trauma professionals in training with The Institute for Trauma Competency practice in collaborative communities of fellow clinicians for support and opportunities for on-going learning and skill development.

Trauma Mental Health Consultation

Trauma-competent practitioners are responsible for providing effective treatment, therefore, they must know the limits of their clinical competence and seek consultation when necessary. Trauma-competent clinicians are also aware that their therapeutic presence is critical to providing effective trauma mental health care and focus on maintaining their own well-being by practicing in supportive trauma-informed communities.

  • Trauma-competent  practitioners demonstrate competency in reprocessing traumatic memory and developing a coherent trauma narrative.
  • Trauma-competent practitioners prioritize the emotional safety of their clients by ensuring they are emotionally present while reprocessing traumatic memory.
  • Trauma-competent  practitioners do no harm by using minimally invasive interventions while maintaining physical and emotional safety.

Monthly  trauma mental health groups (First Sunday of each month from 3-5 pm)
Individual trauma mental health consultation (On Fridays by appointment)